Samtykke til å gjøre oss bedre

På denne siden bruker vi informasjonskapsler (cookies) og andre teknologier for å tilby deg så hyggelig brukeropplevelse som mulig. Du kan lese mer om dette under våre personvernvilkår. Ved å klikke på "Godta", samtykker du i bruken av slike teknologier.

Work-oriented rehabilitation

All our resources are used to create an arena for mastery in activity, at work and mentally. To balance expectations with capabilities is the key to success.

The consultants and participants cooperate to create a plan to reach the goal. Mapping, rehabilitation and action is the keywords for this process. We connect the participant with special competence, keep close contact and make sure there is quick progression. The goal is always to return to work.


Timo Lehto

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We are established in four
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