Samtykke til å gjøre oss bedre

På denne siden bruker vi informasjonskapsler (cookies) og andre teknologier for å tilby deg så hyggelig brukeropplevelse som mulig. Du kan lese mer om dette under våre personvernvilkår. Ved å klikke på "Godta", samtykker du i bruken av slike teknologier.

Work preparatory

The participants will, within their abilities, be given the possibility to build their own strenght, find their level and resources. We modulate the intensity and speed to create a solid fundament for participating in a ordinary job. This happens in close interaction with the participant, employer, consultants and NAV. Mapping the possibilities, choises and resources is essential. We aim to find a workplace which will engage in a good process – and we follow up individually to build the future.


Anita Johansen

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Anne Lise J. Antonsen

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Bente Johansen

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Bente Støver

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Lisbeth Magnussen

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Stein Olav Rogne

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We are established in four
different locations.

Main office:
Snekkerveien 3
8004 Bodø
Tel: +47 75542100